Inspired by,

ag·o·ra :  a gathering place/market; In ancient Greek cities, an open space serving as an assembly area and environment for commercial, civic, social, and religious activities.

Origin Greek, from "ageirein" to gather.


With firm belief and dedication to high quality shipbroking services, we have followed an approach with emphasis to specialization.

AGORA is involved in bulk, tanker and project as well as in niche markets, as per the company's organogram. RoRo ladies and other more sophisticated ships like cement and bitumen carriers have been always on the table.


The main target is highly trained brokers that will have the management system to offer a better service. Shipbroking is all about people and this is where AGORA focuses on. Market is all about people. Agora is the market.

Complete Shipbroking Services

AGORA SHIPBROKING CORPORATION  |  46, Filonos Str., 8th Floor  |  Piraeus - 18535 Greece |  Tel: +30 210 41.10.888 - Fax: +30 210 41.23.717